Rates and Fees

The Typical Interest Rates in Different States

Short-term Loans Interest Rates
Ohio 677% Nebraska 460%
Indiana 382% Texas 662%
Kentucky 460% Michigan 369%
Utah 658% Hawaii 460%
Iowa 337% Nevada 652%
California 460% Florida 304%
Idaho 652% Alabama 456%
Wyoming 261% Virginia 601%
Missouri 443% Rhode Island 261%
Wisconsin 574% Alaska 435%
Maine 217% Mississippi 521%
Illinois 404% Colorado 214%
Delaware 521% Oklahoma 395%
Minnesota 200% North Dakota 487%
Washington 391% New Mexico 175%
Tennessee 460% South Carolina 391%
Oregon 154%    

Terms of the loan are fully disclosed.

The Truth in Lending Act requires that all loan costs and rates be fully disclosed to clients.

Lenders are solely responsible for making you aware of all of the pertinent information before you decide to sign a loan agreement.

After you’ve accepted the terms of your loan, the lender will usually send you to their website where you can finish up the application and e-sign the loan agreement.

Before e-signing the agreement, make sure you understand and accept it in its entirety.

Late Payments and Penalties

Lenders have their own rules regarding late payments. The loan agreement will contain the lender’s late payment policies, so be sure to study them before signing the contract. All lenders in our network must follow all regulations/laws, regardless of fees incurred as a result of delayed payments.

Policy on Non-Payment

The application fee is non-refundable, but additional costs and charges may be incurred if you are unable to repay the loan. Only reputable loan providers with a positive reputation who employ fair and legal practices in collecting overdue payments interest us at MyLoanChoice.com.

Loan Renewal Policy

Please be advised that, according to state legislation, all loan renewal rules are enforced.

In states that allow loan renewals, late charges and extra interest may substantially raise the total amount of your loan.

As a result, they should be avoided whenever possible.

Make careful to read and comprehend all elements of your lender’s policy on loan renewals before accepting and signing the loan agreement.