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A collection of short videos describing the Mataki devices, supporting technology and connecting and communicating with the devices.

[Anatomy of a Mataki device] | [The Communications and Charging Board] | [The Support Board] | [Connecting with the support board]

The Anatomy of a Mataki device

A short video describing the basic components and connectors of the tracking device

[Mataki] Tracking Device Anatomy from Robin Freeman on Vimeo.

Communications and charging board

Describing the communications and charging board for interacting with Mataki devices, configuring settings and charging connected batteries

[Mataki] Communication & charging board and cable for the Mataki tracking device from Robin Freeman on Vimeo.

Mataki support board

Shows the support board used to re-program (change the firmware), communicate with and debug Mataki devices

[Mataki] Support Board from Robin Freeman on Vimeo.

Connecting with the support board

Shows how to use support board to communicate with a Mataki device

[Mataki] Connecting a Mataki tracking device to a computer using the support board from Robin Freeman on Vimeo.