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How much power do the devices consume?

Posted on January 17th, by Robin Freeman in . 2 comments

This partly depends on the configuration options used.

There are three ‘power-hungry’ parts of the devices, each with a nominal power consumption:

– Getting a GPS fix/position (48mA when acquiring fix, 37mA when tracking)
– Transmitting data via radio (complex, but sending a single log entry takes ~0.05mA for 0.003 seconds)
– Listening for data over radio (19mA, but only when active)

As each of these behaviours takes time, the amount of time allocated to each behaviour determines the total power consumption. We have created a Excel spreadsheet to help estimate the lifespan for a given battery capacity. This is available here: Lifetime Estimator Spreadsheet (17.46 kB)

2 thoughts on “How much power do the devices consume?

    • It can, and the devices have been designed to allow this – but we’ve only tested it briefly in the office and haven’t fully worked out how large a panel would be needed for a given deployment (for my own work, the smaller the better, but for a larger species a large panel would suffice), or how to package/seal the device + panel. Definitely possible and we hope to advance this in the coming year!

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