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What kind of information do the devices record?

Posted on January 17th, by Robin Freeman in . 2 comments

The current version of the Mataki devices primarily record GPS information (configurable up to 10Hz) with an accuracy of 2.5 m. They also have an integrated ambient light sensor, and can record the detection of other devices detected transmitting. We’re¬†currently¬†exploring the addition of tri-axial accelerometers, and looking for a replacement pressure sensor (as that used in early version is now obsolete).

2 thoughts on “What kind of information do the devices record?

    • They can – the were originally designed to incorporate a pressure/temperature sensor (The SCP1000 from VTI), however, this component became obsolete and is now hard to get hold of. Some can be found on the market still and could be incorporated into newly produced devices, but we’re making a revised design with a newer sensor soon. As such, the devices we plant to provide for the collaboration won’t have the pressure sensor. Sensing altitude accurately with the pressure sensor raised a few more questions as well, such as how the device is packaged (waterproofing is more complex).

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