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Call for collaborations – get some devices!

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3rd January

We are excited to announce that we are planning an open call for researchers and scientists to get hold of some Mataki devices. You can of course build your own using the freely available schematics and parts lists, but through the Technology for Nature unit (TfN), a close collaboration between University College London, Microsoft Research and the Zoological Society of London, we are holding an open call for collaborations that will provide research groups with a set of 20 all-inclusive Mataki devices for selected scientific research projects. Together we hope to select a total of 5 projects that will both display the potential of the new devices, but also how they can be effectively used in conservation science.

More details here: http://mataki.org/collaborate/

New videos!

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2nd January


I’ve uploaded a series of videos describing and presenting the Mataki devices and associated hardware. Hopefully this will make it easy to see the device, get a feel for their size and shape and how to connect and communicate with them. Let me know if there’s anything that you’d like to see!

– Robin

Welcome to Mataki.org

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1st January

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to the new Mataki.org website. This website presents the new tracking devices that we’ve been working on for the last few years. We’re really excited about people building and helping develop the devices, and we’re committed to making them as open as possible. You can download schematics, board layouts and parts lists on the Making Devices page, and the user manual on the Documentation page. I hope to keep adding more information and useful details as time goes on. Enjoy!

– Robin